Wire ropes for mining, cranes, oil & gas, structures
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Technical support

Every industry has its own unique requirements, some more complex than others. Wire Rope Industries' technical support and services help our customers to select the right product for optimum safety and performance and ensures that necessary installation, operating and maintenance information is available..


On-site inspection and verification

On-site inspection and analysis of customer ropes, equipment, and operations allows for the verification of rope condition and the identification of potential operational problems.

Lab testing and analysis

Detailed lab analysis, testing, and reporting allows for the specific verification of rope failure modes and identifies possible rope and operational improvements.

Rope and operational improvement recommendations

Wire Rope Industries' ability to combine operational analysis with higher performing products allows us to provide improvement recommendations including high performance rope solutions, maintenance and inspection procedures, and potential equipment operating strategies.

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Rope assessment rationalizes inventories

Rope analysis and inventory assessment permits our customers to consider the types of ropes in use on their equipment and rationalize inventory based on the best performance solutions

On-site surveys

On-site rope and equipment surveys verify the type of ropes in service and the condition of ropes and equipment.

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On-site seminars increase awareness and optimize performance

On-site rope and assembly seminars, focusing on product selection, proper use, handling and inspection provide operators and riggers with the information necessary to use our products safely and securely while optimizing performance.

Specialized mine maintenance and engineering seminars

Specialized mine maintenance and engineering seminars, conducted by Wire Rope Industries personnel with over 25 years of mining experience, allows our customers to deal with the highly technical and critical demands of their individual operations.

Published and computerized documentation

Published and computerized documentation covering key issues such as rope selection, maintenance procedures, inspection and removal criteria, ensures our customers have direct access to the tools which allow them to operate securely and effectively.

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Full proof loading and certification

For maximum worker security and product quality, Wire Rope Industries is capable of conducting full proofload and assembly/fitting certification from over seven locations across North America.

Quality and traceability through full support programs

To help customers maintain a high level of quality and traceability for their lifting equipment, Wire Rope Industries provides inspection and repair, re-certification and computerized tracking of assemblies through specialized locations.

Long splicing for endless rope systems

Wire Rope Industries provides field inspection and splicing services for long spliced wire ropes on endless rope systems. This ensures our customers receive top quality splicing and minimizes down time on critical applications such as ski lift operations, cable belt conveyor systems, and in-ground car-haul systems.

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Computerized dynamic stress analysis project rope service life

Underground mining hoist performance and optimization assessment services, using computerized dynamic stress analysis, allows customers to project rope service life tonnage and consider the effects of making changes to their hoisting operations.

Underground mine consulting for new mine shafts

Underground mining consulting for new mine shafts including the selection of ropes and attachments, installation recommendations, and performance cost assessments permits our mining customers and their consultants to consider various types of rope hoisting systems and the associated cost/maintenance implications.

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