Wire ropes for mining, cranes, oil & gas, structures
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Research & Development

Drawing from years of engineering expertise, WRI has developed one of the most sophisticated design and testing systems in the marketplace today. Our technologies and precision testing allows us to examine and resolve complex problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring optimum performance for each design.

Our Test Lab and Field Facilities provide us with the following capabilities:

• Our in-line EM testing equipment for underground mining ropes is capable of detecting broken wires, rope distortion, and establishing the baseline for loss of metallic area verification during rope life.

• Tensile testing of ropes up to 180 metric tons and all types of wire

• Evaluation rotation and modulus of wire ropes

• Actual bending fatigue cycle testing under load, to simulate field conditions and optimize designs using two proprietary fatigue testing machines

• Metallurgical analysis, including full chemical and structural analysis of all steel components, allows for optimum wire selection for each design. • Specialized material testing on key components such as lubricants, plastics and synthetics allows for the selection of the most appropriate materials for our designs

• Field sample analysis allows us to verify design parameters and development new ideas for improvement by comparing laboratory test results with actual customer samples.

Your Feedback is important.
A majority of our technical innovations come from customer feedback Aftersales relationships are as important to Wire Rope industries as they are to our customers. We rely on field data to improve our products and bring more value to your operations.
Joint Product Development
We developed some of our most successful products through relationships with our long-term clients. We strive to understand the challenges that our clients face in their operations in order to be able to develop performance solutions for them. This process is especially fruitful when both sides understand the benefits and are open to employ their engineering resources towards the same goal. Contact us and learn how we can work together to develop custom solutions tailored to your needs.
Cooperation with Bekaert Technology Centers (BTC)
WRI’s parent company Bekaert is a world leader in wire technology and employs hundreds of experts in their technology centers in Belgium and China. We are continuously working with BTC partners to provide you with the most advanced wire materials and performance coatings available.