Wire ropes for mining, cranes, oil & gas, structures
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Quality Assurance

Our multiple certifications by recognized regulatory bodies testify to our drive to bring the best quality and value product to its clients. We uphold our high standards of quality by employing the following processes.

Material supplier qualification
We run one of the most stringent supplier qualification programs in the industry. Our business is built on the consistency and quality of raw materials.

Employee training and education
We constantly improve competencies of our employees through supporting ongoing education and training programs and ensure that they have the correct tools to excel in their jobs.

Equipment calibration and maintenance
Calibrated and well-maintained equipment leads to greater product consistency and on-time delivery.

Coordinated and planned inspections
Planned inspections assure product consistency and conformity to specification.

Consistency through procedures
Documented and maintained procedures ensure all employees use the same work methods.

Audit and corrective actions
Internal audits and corrective actions ensure systems are effective and that continuous improvement is realized.

Document verification
Formalized and monitored documentation allows for the complete tracking of product, processes, and materials.

Quality monitoring through inspection and testing
We monitor the quality of incoming materials, semi-manufactured products during manufacturing, and final products to ensure the quality standards are met before shipment.

Breaking load verification
Computerized destructive testing confirms the actual breaking load of individual rope and strand.

Field simulation through cycle testing
Fatigue cycle testing, simulating field conditions, verifies actual rope fatigue life.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)
We perform process capability studies to maintain and improve the quality of our manufacturing operations. Continuous measuring devices and procedures allow us to monitor if the process consistently meets specifications. They are also used to define control limits, which are used to flag inconsistencies and trigger immediate corrective actions. Ongoing SPC training for supervisory and operator personnel ensures adherence to procedures and that equipment is operated to peak efficiency.