Wire ropes for mining, cranes, oil & gas, structures
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Our production is centralized at a specially designed 365,000ft2 (34,000m2) factory in Montreal, Canada. Operating a single production facility allows WRI to maximize manufacturing efficiencies and employ high level of quality control. Our facility is ISO9001 and API certified.

WRI operates the largest 8-bobbin closer in the Americas, with capacity of 120 metric tons, as well as a range of sophisticated stranders, including one of the fastest machines in the world. We also employ industry-leading extrusion lines, with proprietary process developed over two decades of making large plasticized ropes.

Combination of versatile machinery and more than 125 years of experience gives WRI ability to manufacture an unmatched range of high-end products under one roof:

• 6 or 8-strand ropes up to 8" (203mm)
• Large plasticized ropes up to 6” (152mm)
• Structural strand up to 6” (152mm)
• Triangular flattened strand ropes
• Full-lock and half-lock coil ropes
• Cable laid ropes up to 12" (305mm)
• Long continuous lengths up to 29,000' (8.8km) of 2" (51mm)

These capabilities allow us to supply ropes for some of the largest equipment in use today including dragline excavators and long cable belt conveyor systems. We regularly supply major supported roof structures, suspension bridges and communication tower projects around the globe. In addition to our current lineup, we can custom design in house or via third-party supplier and manufacture unique ropes to the specific requirements of your application.

Investments Program
• New world-class stranding machine
• New versatile closing machine
• Multiple projects for machine upgrades
• IT infrastructure to support productivity projects