Wire ropes for mining, cranes, oil & gas, structures
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High-tech Assembly

Recognizing that no two industries are alike, Wire Rope Industries offers extensive custom assembly and high tech testing services which meet our customers growing needs for accurate high quality assemblies.


400 ton-1000 ft. long pre-stretch bed

Wire Rope Industries maintains one of the largest prestretch beds in North America with a capacity of 800,000 lbs. (365,000 kg) and a length of 960 ft. (295 m). This ensures that we can handle some of the largest and most specialized assemblies commonly required for roof and bridge structures, communication towers and excavator boom pendants. .

Socket alignment utilizing 40 ft. tower

To ensure proper alignment of sockets, our pre-stretch facilities include a 40 ft (12.2 m) socketing tower with machined pouring tables. .

Individual fitting inspection

Ongoing inspection of sockets and terminals ensures dimensional accuracy of every fitting

Individual length verification

Individual length calculations and under-tension marking before cutting is conducted to ensure each individual assembly meets service length specifications.

Special length markings for assembly positioning

Special length markings ensures correct positioning of assemblies upon installation.

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Patented end terminations exceed strand break loads

A fully established proof-of-design test program, specialized forming equipment, and patented processes for the manufacture of aluminum mechanical splices allow for tower assembly end terminations which develop or exceed strand breaking loads.

Johnny ball insulator interconnecting loops

Innovative Johnny Ball insulator interconnecting loops for tower assemblies reduce tower erection time and eliminate breakage of insulators.

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3000 ton press and processing tracks maximize efficiencies

Wire Rope Industries maintains several 3000-ton hydraulic presses and two full-time process tracks for large diameter mine excavator ropes. This ensures maximum efficiency and quality of assembly.

Reduce costs and improved efficiency with swaged ferrule beckets

Compared to traditional pouring methods, swaged drum end ferrule beckets, for ropes up to 2 3/4" (70 mm) in diameter, save costs by significantly reducing the time needed to process terminals. This process also provides maximum terminal efficiency and consistency.

Pad eye becket loop convenience

Pad eye becket loop service, for standard drum terminations, allows for the quick and simple installation of ropes and the reduction of machine down-time.

Accurate length measurements

Length measurements, using calibrated track systems, ensure that pairs of excavator ropes are within customer specified length tolerances.

Hairpin wound reels simplify installation

To further reduce machine down-time, hairpin winding of ropes can be considered. This process allows installation crews to install both drum ends of a rope at the same time.

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Wire Rope Industries is the only approved supplier in the world for the manufacture of aircraft launching bridles and pendant assemblies made to MIL322036. Wire Rope Industries is also one of only two manufacturers in the world approved for the supply of specialized aircraft arresting systems. These strict approval processes, utilized by the U.S. Forces, ensure that maximum product quality and consistency are maintained and verified.

Rope fatigue life consistency through special design

To ensure rope fatigue life consistency, our specially designed ropes are manufactured and tested to meet fatigue test specifications.

Hand measuring for rope length accuracy

For individual length accuracy, each rope is hand-measured before cutting.

Specialized terminals poured to specification

Specialized terminals are installed, to prescribed preparation and pouring procedures, for maximum consistency and terminal efficiency

Sea worthy packaging

For protection during transport, ropes are installed on specially designed steel reels and packaged using special foam and steel covers.

Government inspection and testing

At each stage of manufacture and assembly, inspection is conducted by government officials to ensure full compliance to specification. Additional independent fatigue testing is done at NAWCAD for further fatigue verification and certification on every reel shipped.

Research and development

Our research and development of new high-performance arrestor systems will allow our customers to land larger and faster aircraft while using current infrastructures.

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